Trampers stop for Christmas lunch on Sandymount
                 Trampers climbing above Hooper's Inlet
Trampers enjoying their Morning Tea at the mouth of Hooper's Inlet
          A group of friends on a visit to Lanarch Castle       
      Clockwise from left: Agnes Hodges, Margaret Munro,                               Pam McDonald, Lyndsey Garden, Maureen Hayes, Lorene Cecconi
              Christmas Afternoon Tea Party 7 Nov/87
                              Sixties Entertainers
                 Christmas Afternoon Tea Party 7 Nov/20
        Highland Harmony Barbershop Singers (Invited Guests)
               Christmas Afternoon Tea Party 7 Nov/20
                              Leisure Marchers
                                 Christmas Afternoon Tea Party 7 Nov/20
               Line Dancers (led by Jennifer MacMillan)
                  Christmas Afternoon Tea Party 7 Nov/20
                   Social Committee Movers and Groovers
                Christmas Afternoon Tea Party 7 Nov/20 
                 Social Committee Movers and Groovers
          60+ Executive Committee, AGM 7 October 2020
Front Row L-R Len Leith, Secretary; Moira Ingham, President; Lia 
Holloway, "Tea Lady"; Carol Adler-Morgan, Committee; Lorene
Cecconi, Publicity; Row 2 - Anne Simpson, Speaker coordinator;
Muriel Turner, Treasurer; John Rhodes, Hall set-up; Brendon Orr,
Honourary Auditor/ Technician; Bob Morgan, Committee,
Back - Mary Billington, Committee; Noel Stanaway, Past President
                 Volunteer's Morning Tea, Sept 4/2020
                 Volunteer's Morning Tea, Sept 4/2020
Sixties Entertainers: Back Row, L-R; Pam Whipp, Loris Miller, Mary
Billington, Noel Stanaway, Gael Trevathan, Chris Pike, Jan Stewart,
Len Leith, Wilma Graham, John Williamson
Front: L-R Pauline Simmons, Pam Johnston, Mike Ravenwood
                  The Social Committee, June 2020;
Back Row - Janice Latta, Jimsie Smith, Mary Billington 
Front Row - Moira Ingham, Noel Stanaway, Mike Ravenwood
                  Hikers at Okia Reserve June 9, 2020
          Lorene Cecconi, Publicity Officer April 19, 2020
Jordana Whyte, Secretary, The Wildlife Hospital Trust, speaker at 
                   Member's Meeting, 4 March 2020
60's Cyclers on a fine January 2020 day.L-R:Judith Sell, Russell Sell,
 Lorraine Johnston, Jennifer Rennell, Dianne Davey, John Jensen
Jan 21,2020 Ramblers line up for Group Photo after an invigorating 
                   walk along beach at Taieri Mouth
       Rambler's first walk of 2020, morning tea at Taieri Mouth
                     accompanied by an interested visitor
    60+ Christmas Party Nov 30/19, Santa and his lovely helpers 
                      dispensing Christmas Goodies 
       (L to R; Pam Johnston, Mike Ravenwood, Pam Whipp)
60+ Christmas Party Nov 30/19, the Social club enact a Fairy Tale
60+ Christmas Party, Nov 30/19, Line Dancer Lorraine Macmillan
               leads group dancing to a merry tune.
      Leisure Marchers in Competition in Nelson, October 2019
Hikers circa 2009; Back row: Pam McDonald, Lyndsey Garden, 
Agnes Hodges, Pat Dean, Imre Speizer, Margaret Munro, Front row:
TonyWilson, Eva Speizer, Lorene Cecconi, Dave Paulin
Tavern Lunch at Equinox with Lyn Howson, next to her is Joan Stuart, 
Judith Wright, Brendon Orr, and many other members of 60+ Club
BDS Book Club L to R; Jenny Bryanttokalau, Joan Anderson, Dorothy 
Browne, Janis Tonga-Climo, Betty Woods, Lorene Cecconi
  Indoor Bowls Group, July 2019, L to R: Bob Larkins, David Nicol, 
     Roberta MacArthur, Sgirley Arthur (Bowling), Pam Johnson,
                     Bill McNamara, Joy Fitzpatrick
            Midwinter Lunch July 3---Best Hat Men's Len Leith
   Midwinter Lunch July 3---Best Hat Women's Raewyn Humphries
Sixties Entertainers: Back Row; L to R-Loris Miller, Pam Whipp, Chris
Pike (Pianist), Gail Travathan, Len Leith, Joy Pearson (Choreographer)
Jan Stewart, Noel Stanaway, Mary Billington, Wilma Graham
Front Row; Pauline Simmons, Pam Johnston
       Monday Walkers in Chingford Park---May 6, 2019
      Recipients of Certificates of Appreciation; AGM May 2019; 
           Lorraine Richardson, Brendan Orr, Helen Furlong
      Recipients of Honourary Life Membership; AGM May 2019;
Shirley Arthur, Susan McCuish, Shirley Henderson-Bolt, Lorene Cecconi
        Trampers Enjoying a Lunch Break in the Sutton Area
           Sixties Golfers; MMarch 19,2019. Phyll Esplin with 
                          Moira and John Ingham
 From left:Diane Bartlett, Kieko Imagi,Toni Maclennan, Peter Benfell
 Marion Read, Trevor Webb,at Swampy Summit having just hiked up
 the Burns Track. Mar 19, 2019
           Coffee and Culture visits Exhibition of Chinese Art at         
                   Dunedin Public Art Gallery Feb 22,2019
Ramblers at Sandymount "The Chasm" Tuesday, 15 January 2019
             Christmas Party 2018---The Line Dancers
                Christmas Party 2018---Sixties Singers 
               Christmas Party 2018---Club Entertainers
    Christmas Party 2018----Janice Latta emcee for the afternoon
          Christmas Party 2018---Santa and his Helper visits
        Ramblers on lunch break at Tunnel Beach Oct 09/18
                Trampers at Kaikai Beach, August 9 2018
  Social Committee: Noel Stanaway, Jimsie Smith, Mary Billington, 
              Janice Latta, Brendon Orr, Mike Ravenwood
   The Line Dancers have a fun Rock and Roll session, July 2, 2018
Magician Jonathon Usher delights the Midwinter Lunch audience with
                                   his magic tricks
The Club enjoys entertainment at the Midwinter Lunch July 4th 2018 
Janice Latta, emcee for the afternoon, introduces Valley Blue Grass
a great group which elicited a great response from the audience.
The first group to perform at the Midwinter lunch, July 4, 2018 was
the Uni Ukes; a vibrant, exciting quintet of women who sing in
harmony as they play their instruments, the audience loved them.
Lorraine Richardson Hostess, John Rhodes Fire Warden, Len Leith
   Fire Warden and Club Secretary, Jan Patterson Door Tickets,
                         Lili Stanley Jan's helper
The Rambler's on an In-Between Walk led by Pam MacDonald which
    took them through the grounds at St Hilda's on Tolcarne 
At the May 2nd AGM, Noel Stanaway (newly elected president)
presented a Life Membership to Mary Billington (5th and 6th from left)
Certificates of appreciation were presented to (from Left) Shirley Arthur, 
Dorothy Howard, Shirley Henderson-Bolt and Lesley Lloyd.
March 14, 2018 Coach Trip to Clachanburn. Members enjoy Lunch
                        before touring the gardens.
        60+ Entertainers performed as the finale for Brain Week,
                                    March 11, 2018
Margaret Munroe, Lorene Cecconi, Maureen Hayes, Agnes Hodges,
Pam MacDonald and Lyndsey Garden hiked up to Stewart Town 
on a recent trip to Alexandra and environs.
Hikers on a Track Clearing mission at Craiglowan Falls, 30 Jan 2018
L to R: Anne Stratford, Jasmine Chin, Tony MacLennan, Pat Ward,
Isobel Hatherly, Keith Paulin, John Bartlett, Karen Aitcheson, 
Peter Benfell, Diane Bartlett
Ramblers at Sullivan's Dam having a rest after a very hot walk to                                         the Transmisson Lines, January 16, 2018
             Christmas Lunch 2017 organized by Brendon Orr 
             Back Left to Right: Judith Wright, Barbara Cowie
  Front L to R: Brendon Orr, Joan Stuart, Fred Stuart; missing is
                                  Eleanor Ingles
Jennifer Macmillan, Becs Wilson (Otago Community Hospice),
Lorraine Macmillan on presentation of cheque at Christmas Party 2017
   The coordinators are hosted to a Morning Tea, Nov 10/2017
  The Line Dancer's celebrate the upcoming marriage of Beverely
Crawford  and Graeme Callon prior to their wedding on Sept 30/17
         The Line Dancers pride themselves on being a fun group
                   In these photos dressed up for Halloween
           Line Dancers enjoy dressing up for Halloween!
BDS Book Club:Back Row; Nola Harris, Jill Allen, Sally Panell, 
Betty Woods, Joan Anderson 
Front Row; Lorene Cecconi, Janis Tonga-Climo, Dorothy Browne
                     We Celebrate our 25th Anniversary!

Above Images reflect the folks who attended the Anniversary 
Celebration, as well as those who entertained us!
           Trampers enjoy conquering the heights 2017
     Book Chat: Jean Lawrence, Edith Webb, Alexa Hunter, 
     Helga Comrie, Wendi Ogden, Shirley Leath, Anne Moir

  Retired Leisure Marchers enjoying their 23rd Anniversary Lunch
       Leisure Marchers enjoy their 23rd Anniversary Lunch
Committee Members:Back left; Lorene Cecconi, Annette Ross, Shirley
Arthur, Mary Billington, Muriel Turner; Front left; Ian Simmons, 
Dorothy Howard, Noel Stanaway (Missing; Nola Stanaway, Shirley 
Henderson-Bolt, Carol and Bob Morgan 
     Coffee and Culture visits the Otago Daily Times July 2017
Monday Walkers at Lady Thorn Dell, Port Chalmers, 31 July 2017
     Intrepid Hikers enjoying a day in the snow---13 June 2017
                 Line Dancers St Parick's Day Function
               Line Dancers Christmas 2016 Function     
        Line Dancers during their Christmas 2016 function
     Hikers clamber up Tunnel Track at Macraes Weir, May 2017
 Coffee and Culture visits the Cleveland Art Awards, May 19, 2017
         Dorothy Howard, elected President, AGM May 3, 2017
AGM May 3, 2017; Fred Stuart (founder of 60+) and Malva McLeod, 
who have attended every 60+ AGM Meeting for 24 years!  
       Indoor Bowls April 2017 Coordinator Allan Wilson Bowling
The Ramblers enjoyed a March 2017 camp at Wanaka
       Hikers at Mt John Observatory, Tekapo Camp 02 Mar 17
    Hikers enjoying Morning Tea on Tekapo Camp 01 Mar 17

        Ramblers at Berwick Forest Lookout, March 7, 2016
                 Hikers at Cape Saunders 14 Feb 2017
           Hikers at morning tea in the Mangatuas, 31 Jan, 2017
        Book Club (Shirley Collins coordinator) Jan 18, 2017
Christmas Day 2017, Brendon Orr organizes lunch and afterwards a walk in the Botanic Gardens (with Joan Stuart, Judith Wright, Eleanor Ingle and Fred Stuart in back)
Hikers enjoy a shared lunch at Sandymount Rd picnic site, 13 December 2016
The Entertainers Strut their Stuff at Annual Christmas Party, 3 December 2016

Christmas Party, Dec 3, 2016.  
The Rockvale Garden tour listen to the owner (not in photo) explain finer points of garden
Coach Trip To Rockvale Gardens stops for Morning Tea at Palmerston Nov 9, 2016
The ENTERTAINERS in their flapper costumes
Trampers at Waterfall
Trampers at Big Rock
Trampers Lunching under Mt Mopanui 2016
Trampers Lunching at Pulpit Rock 2016
The coordinators of the activity groups are invited to an annual morning tea
Sept 2/16  
Dorothy Howard (standing) and 59 members of the Tavern Lunches meet for lunch at 
Fat Harry's Aug 24/16
The Sixties Singers in rehearsal at the home of Agnes Hodges (far right)Aug 8/16
Hikers heading towards Porkies Track July 12/2016
July 6/2016 Midwinter Lunch "The Wedding Party" Skit
July 6/2016 Midwinter Lunch Entertainment by the Sixties Singers
July 6/2016 Midwinter Lunch Entertainment by the Line Dancers
July 6/2016 Midwinter Lunch participants 
Betty Woods (far left) instructs Mah Jong group
Hikers enjoy Lunch on Varley's Hill 24 may 2016
Hiker enjoy lunch on Varley's Hill 24 May 2016
Mary Billington takes on her 3rd term as President
Murray Bolt with his original design for the Club Logo

Secretary Nola Stanaway with Jack-of-all-Trades hubby, Noel

Bob Morgan and Carol Adler-Morgan presiding over an Information Table

Hikers enjoy a recce out to Cape Saunder

Ramblers enjoy morning tea on the Pineapple Track

Tramping Club’s trip to Fiordland, November 2015
Key Summit
Lake Marian
Track to Hidden Falls

Final General Meeting of 2015
Members enjoy afternoon tea with Christmas cake
Entertainer Trevor poses with President Mary and Vice President Dorothy
Saturday Night Theme “Charlie Chaplin Honeysuckle and the Bee”
Ready for Saturday night “do”
Movie Club - Coordinators Heather and Betty
Back Row, Left to Right: Bev Bilyard, Gay Bungard, Susan McCuish, Lois Lagan 
Front Row, Left to Right: Judith Wright, Heather Wyatt, Betty Woods, Val Brown, Kay Moen
Executive Committee since 2012
Back Row: Bob Morgan
Middle Row: Lorene Cecconi, Shirley Henderson-Bolt, Shirley Arthur, Susan McCuish, Noel Stanaway, Carol Adler-Morgan, Dawn Botting
Front Row: Nola Stanaway (Secretary), Mary Billington (President), Muriel Turner (Treasurer), Dorothy Howard (Vice-President)
Leisure Marchers
Craft and Chat 

The Line Dancers Christmas Party Nov, 2015