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Club Group Reports for 2020 AGM covering the 2019 year

BOOK CHAT GROUP - Jean Lawrence

Our small group continues to meet each month on the second Thursday of each month from 1.30 - 4pm.  The two new members we included last year have fitted in well and we continue to share our thoughts of the books we have read, which may be bought or borrowed from the libraryWe also chat about anything else we have experienced , films, theatre, TV holidays, health, and of course our thoughts about covid 19. We all missed our meetings during the shut down, and were pleased to begin to meet again in June.  We finish each meeting  with a shared afternoon tea taking turns to provide the sweet or savoury platesIn December we celebrated the end of 2019 with a very happy lunch together at Emersons Brewery.


BDS BOOK CLUB - Lorene Cecconi

 In my other role as BDS Book Club convener, the group has gone well over the past year, we seem to be steady with 7 members, but would like to have one more. Even though we have a meeting once per year in which we all pick the books we’d like to read, once we receive them they aren’t what some of us were expecting so may not read it! Some of our recent selections have been: Bright Star: Beatrice Hill Astronomer, The Story of a New Zealand River, Hokitika Town, The President’s Hat, The Secret Chord, How To Stop Time, Old Filth, Arthur and George, The Crimson Rooms. We usually have a Midwinter and a Christmas potluck lunch on our 4th Weds of the month meeting date.


BUS REPORT FOR 2019 - Lynley Browne on behalf of Marion Houliston, Kay Moen & Judith. (6 Sept 2019)

 Numbers on the bus still mostly down on other years and we have a struggle especially with increased costs for meals and bus to keep the price for the days outing under $50. February Roxburgh (41) - Fairview Fruit Stall - Afternoon tea at Faigans Cafe in Millers Flat. March Catlins (35) - Meal at Lumberjack in Owaka - Teapots - Visit to Owaka Museum April Naseby (47) - Middlemarch - Ancient Briton meal - back via Pigroot,. May Taieri Tiki Tour (38) 3 mile hill, Outram etc - JTs for meal - back via Wals in Mosgiel. June, July, August - no go September - next week Peninsula Tour - Morning Tea Macandrew Bay, Lunch Albatross Colony, Afternoon Tea at Natures Wonders - SEATS AVAILABLE. October - planned Palmerston - Waikouaiti - Meal at Waihemo Lodge & visit to Waikouaiti Museum. November - proposed Town Meal and Visit to Lavendar Farm on Taieri for afternoon tea. This year we have included Judith Francis as one of our helpers for morning teas etc. 


Culture and Coffee Report 2019 - Gail Douglas and Jill McGregor

We had another successful year due in part to the very supportive group of regular members who are supportive of our choices. During the year we visited a variety of places, some we have been to before, others for the first time. We have tried to include places of interest as well as art galleries. We have been extremely fortunate with the generosity of the guides who have escorted us around their gallery/facility. They have been very generous with their time and knowledge. Some of the places visited this year Dunedin Art Gallery. Hocken Library Civil Defence Bunker. Museum Basement Station Gallery x2 Wal's Garden and restaurant Chinese Gardens At the end of each visit we would go to a nearby coffee shop to enjoy coffee and a chat. Many thanks to the cafes for accommodated us.


Entertainers Report 2019 2019

Was quite a busy year we started Entertaining on April 10th a little later than other years which was good as we were able to get back into form and start the New Year with a new Item Singing in the Rain. Its interesting to note the commitment of our group we practised 42weeks and did a total of 24 concerts I feel we did extremely well, Some concerts we were short on numbers due to a number of things i.e. sickness, holidays, etc, but we kept going and filling gaps where necessary (thanks to Joy who plans our moves and makes the various brackets come to life). Due to illness midyear we had to cancel two concerts and a practice day but did rebook them later in the year. I would like to thank you all of you for the hard work put in to make our concerts memorable to all we performed for, I know we love to sing and dance so it’s a pleasure for us also


HIKERS GROUP – 2020 REPORT - Jasmine Chin

Seven new members signed up this year, but we lost 2 due to decreasing fitness and health problems. The two new members are also members of the Trampers. Although the total number of members on the email list is 46, the average number of members coming out each time is 14. We usually have more members coming out on the easy hikes. 

Our official hiking days are the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. Due to demand we are also hiking the in-between Tuesdays as well.

 Work DaysCraiglowan Falls -  Once again, the water race track required the most work but we were permitted to use scrub cutters during the year which shortened the job considerably. This year we also managed to work on the remaining track in the Craiglowan area – the actual track to the Falls. This means we have now worked on all the existing tracks in the Craiglowan area. We also did an exploratory hike above the Falls to try and locate the old track that starts at the Falls. Unfortunately, this was unsuccessful so it will be a focus of efforts in 2020.                                                                                                         Annual Camp -  Our fifth annual camp was held in February 2019 at Borland Lodge, near Lake Monowai in the Fiordland National Park, February .8 members attended with 3 of the members taking advantage of the campervan sites. We hiked the North Borland, Mt Burns and Green lake tracks over 3 days..                                                                                 Special Hikes Some of the keener and stronger hikers went on ‘longer hikes in the last year. Two teams of 5 each went to Jubilee Hut for an overnighter in March; and in September some hardy hikers did a long circuit comprising Rainguage, Greengage, Green Ridge, Swampy and Rollinsons.                                                                                                                   Personal Locator Beacon  -There have been no incidents requiring the beacon to be set off..


Line Dancers Report 2019 – 2020.  

 Lorraine and Jennifer Macmillan Line Dancing Coordinators

2019 was another fun year for the 60+ Club line dancing group, meeting on Monday afternoons in the South Dunedin Community Hall.

As per previous years, we enjoyed several theme days: St Valentines, St Pat’s, Easter, a Spanish/Mexican afternoon, Rock & Roll, Halloween and Christmas. It was a treat to see everyone dress up and join in. Our team is great at getting into the spirit of things which makes it such a pleasure to plan and arrange these special times.

 We’d like to take this opportunity to thank some of the folk who ensured our year ran smoothly: -

 We appreciated the Dunedin Rock & Roll Revival Club again sharing their posters to decorate the hall for our own Rock & Roll themed session – always a popular afternoon.

 We were also grateful for the continued support from a local establishment who allow our dancers to park on their premises during our sessions. With adequate parking continuing to be a real issue in South Dunedin, this has been much appreciated by all.

 We are indebted to our club Secretary, Len Leith, for all his hard work and determination in sorting out an issue with One Music (APRA) regarding their insistence that we needed to pay an annual licence fee to play music at our line dancing get togethers. Not only did Len’s understanding of the law and persistence see us exempt from requiring the licence, he also managed to get the previous year’s fees refunded to us. Needless to say, all dancers were thrilled and thankful for this outcome as it allowed us to continue throughout the year without needing to increase costs, and meant that we were again able to make a significant donation to the Otago Hospice at the end of the dancing year.

 The wonderful staff at the Concord Inn for ensuring we had another great get together off the floor for our group’s annual subsidised lunch.

 And, of course, to all our fabulous dancers who make our sessions so much fun!

A line dancing team polo shirt was designed and sourced by the coordinators this year and members were able to purchase in a multitude of colours. With about 40 members already taking up the offer, it’s a great sight on the days we all choose to wear them.

It’s very pleasing to report that our line dancing group continues to be a close-knit team of like-minded folk who enjoy the camaraderie and fun we can all share through our love of line dancing.


Marchers 2019 Report - Glenys Cowie and Janice Latta

Currently, we have 13 team members who vary in age from mid sixties to mid eighties. We meet each week for an hour long practice in the Caledonian Gymnasium. Our coach is Glenys Cowie and assistant coach is Janice Latta, both of whom are also team members. Each member has an individual marching plan which together provides a 5 minute performance. This generally takes a year to perfect. As more mature marchers, we benefit from the regular exercise, the friendship and the fun. We join the South Island leisure marchers at various locations on a yearly basis and the National Leisure Marching event, every other year. These are non competitive events which provide opportunities to share the results of our hard work through out the year.


Monday Walkers 2020/2021 - Noel Stanaway

This year has seen the retirement of some of our longer serving walkers but with new members joining the group our current list stands at 34 members. Walking numbers have varied over the last year’s walks with some walks down to single figures while others have been over 24. Weather can play a big part in attendances. While the Covid lockdown period meant the cancellation of our walking programme for a while, it also afforded an opportunity to go out and explore new walks and different ways of enjoying old favourites. Along with suggestions from members, our walking programme has been varied between easy and medium walks over the summer walking programme ranging from Waikouaiti in the north to Taieri Mouth in the south. The shorter winter walking programme is also to be varied between new and old walks mainly within city limits and like all our walks finishing with a social coffee and catch up. Many thanks to my support team for leading walks when I have been unable to attend and thanks to all the members for your support and attendances over the last year. For any members wishing to join our walking group we meet at the south end of the Oval by the bus stop at 9.45am, car pooling for a 10.00am departure time. 


MOVIE CLUB Year Ended 31.3.2020  Co-ordinators: Heather Wyatt & Betty Woods

 The Movie Club enjoys a movie at the Rialto Cinema (generally) on the second Sunday of the month from February to November. Exceptions are if this falls on a holiday weekend, Mother’s Day etc. when the date is moved. The Co-ordinators confer with the Rialto Manager prior to the Club meeting to choose a suitable upcoming film which we hope will be of wide interest to our members. Members are given a concession on the ticket price. Movies seen this year have included The Chaperone; Tolkien; Camino Skies; The Public; Downton Abbey; Maiden; Last Christmas; Emma; Military Wives We generally have about 25 to 30 members attending although we have been known to have almost 40 on occasion. Sometimes, though not always, the movie is shown in one of the smaller cinemas in which case seating is limited to 34 but when this is the case it will be noted on the “sign in” sheet. Anyone not able to attend the monthly meeting is welcome to ring one of the co-ordinators to have their name put on the list. Following the movie attendees are welcome to join for refreshments at the Black Dog in Princes Street. 


Singers 2019 Report.  Agnes Hodges

The group has 18 members including Willie Campbell as Conductor and Accompanists Agnes Hodges and Mary Webb. Practises are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, at 5 Ashmore Street, Halfway Bush, commencing at 10.15 am. During 2019 the 60s Singers performed a ¾ hour programme at Summerset Retirement Village, Queen Rose Home, Oxford Court, Redroofs, Thornbury House, Little Sisters of the Poor and Ross Home. Also a selection of Christmas carols were sung at St.Barnabas Home before the Christmas Lunch on the 9th December. 



 Since the beginning of 2020 we have had various trips: Mt Cutten visiting the Len Lye tribute structure, Maungatuas up from Woodside Glen, the Silver Peaks, Gabriel’s Gully to Otago Lake, Heywards Point and beyond, the Sutton area – amongst others. They have all been very different and appreciated. Numbers during the last year have been between 22 and 5… the latter because of very inclement mid-winter weather – but as it was up the sheltered Government Track it was highly successful. Only very rarely we haven’t gone at all because of weather. We keep a small number of sheltered possibilities aside in case of bad weather and before 9am in discussion at the Kensington meeting spot we might change. We take one of the tracks on Sandymount as our responsibility to keep clear and have a track maintenance time each 6 month schedule in place of a Thursday tramp. Each week a different member of the regular group takes responsibility for leading; they may also choose to share this role and can seek advice from those who may know the Dunedin tracks better. Should an assigned leader find they can’t fulfil the responsibility for their trip, someone else can be found for the day. It is a group where if one member wishes to put on a warm jacket en route because they are cold, they only need to say “wait a minute, I need to….”. There is an expectation individuals can manage 4 or 5 hours of tramping. If that is regarded as too long it may be better to increase fitness or stamina first with friends or the Ramblers or Hikers groups, though expectations of the latter group are very similar to the Trampers. The yearly away-camp end of 2019 took place at Tautuku in the Catlins; feedback from this was excellent. This year it is planned to go to Stewart Island.


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