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Club Group Reports for 2019 AGM covering the 2018 year

Marching Team - Dorothy Howard

Having agreed to host the 26th National Leisure Marching Event to be held on the 23rd and 24th March 2018, our plans began early in 2017 with the re-formation of our Committee which had also organized two previous marching events in Dunedin; three members from each of three of the Dunedin teams - Dunedinites, Otago Leisure and Dunedin 60+ - formed this committee.

Monthly meetings were arranged right through 2017, and early 2018; the first item on the agenda was to arrange a venue. We decided on the More FM Arena (at the Edgar Centre), and this venue was booked. We had monthly meetings to begin with but these increased to weekly for the three months prior to the big event. We had around 65 teams taking part, one from as far away as Kerikeri in the Far North – a total of some 700 to 750 marchers in all.

Our week-end began around mid-day on Friday with the first teams taking part with their display; up bright and early on Saturday and the remaining teams were all set to do their march plans from mid-morning right through until around 4.30pm. After that it was back to our accommodation to get into our themed outfits for the Saturday night event - always a huge success with music and supper. Most teams were making their way back to their accommodation around midnight. It was a great week-end.

We travelled to Gore on Friday 26th October for the 2018 South Island Event to be held the following day when 34 teams took part. This was a great event and all teams joined in to help Gore celebrate their 25 years in leisure marching. Several marching ladies from those teams’ present were presented with their 25 year-badges. Home on Sunday. We look forward to 2019!


Book Chat Report 2018 /19 - Jean Lawrence - Convenor

Since April last year our meeting place has moved from Kenmure to North East Valley near the Gardens as a result of the convenor moving house.

We meet on the second Thursday of the month from 1.30 until 3.30 including an afternoon tea, which we take turns in providing.

Our numbers are small and limited by the space and seating available, there were seven members earlier in the year  one of those has moved to Central Otago and another member sadly died after a long illness. We all attended her funeral and met together afterwards.

We are in the process of adding two potential new members to our group, feeling this number is about right in allowing each person time to share book discussion and chat.

We share a wide variety of books some bought, some from the library and some from Lilliput Libraries, and also spend time chatting about our lives or maybe movies we have seen in the previous weeks.

In December we had a very pleasant Christmas lunch at Cobb and Co at the railway Station. An outing which has become a regular annual event.


Monday Walkers – Jimsie Smith

There are 35 members in the group, but the average number of active members walking each week fluctuates between 15 and 20. There are 8 men walkers, so the women outnumber them by 3:1.

Walks are longer in the Summer, including a lunch and in the Winter, morning tea. The group meet for a coffee in a nearby cafe, to finish the day. Examples of the shorter walks are Ross Creek, Port Chalmers Back Beach and Haggart Alexander Drive/Gladstone Road. Summer walk options are The Pyramids, Taieri Mouth, and the Sinclair Wetlands.

A popular finale last year was the trip to Quarantine Island, where we walked around the perimeter and checked out the buildings. The short boat crossing from Port Chalmers was calm, so for some, more so than others, that was a plus!

Our walks cater for the less athletic and we are a sociable group, who enjoy the environment and the company, as well as the opportunity to retain our fitness. This, despite challenges of aging bodies. Fun, friendship, and fitness is definitely our motto.


2018 Hikers Annual Report - Jasmine Chin.

Two new members signed up this year, but we lost 2 due to decreasing fitness and health problems. The two new members are also members of the Trampers. Although the total number of members on the email list is 46, the average number of members coming out each time is 12. We usually have more members coming out on the easy hikes.

2018 Date Hike Leader
9 January Hightop, Burns, Rustlers, Swampy Ridge Greg Johnston
16 January Nicols, Moon, Swampy Ridge, Pineapple, Peppertree, Moon Jasmine Chin
23 January Steve Amies, Racemans, Macraes Weir, Steve Amies Jasmine Chin
30 January Work Day – Craiglowan Falls Jasmine Chin
6 February Millenium Track, John Bull Gully from Taieri Mouth Peter Benfell
13 February Leishman’s, Chalkies Jasmine Chin
26 February Millenium Track, Seat from Henley Greg Johnston
26 February – 2 March Hawea Camp
27 February – Rob Roy Glacier Track
28 February – Diamond Lake and Rocky Mountain Circuit
1 March – Fern Burn Track (part of Motutapu Track, which in turn is part of the Te Araroa Trail)
Jasmine Chin
27 February Millenium Track, Seat from Henley Greg Johnston
13 March Evansdale Glen, Honeycomb, Rongamai Jasmine Chin
20 March Watsons Beach, Bull Creek Jasmine Chin
27 March Tomahawk Lagoon, Karetai Road, Soldiers Monument Jasmine Chin
3 April Bethune’s Gully, Buttars Peak Jasmine Chin
17 April Leith Saddle, Burns, Rustlers, Pipeline Diane & John Bartlett
24 April Sandymount, Haraheke Point, Sand-fly Bay, Ridge Road Jasmine Chin
1 May Nyhon Track, Harbour Cone, Lime Kiln Jasmine Chin
8 May Abbots Hill Rd, Friends Hill, Chain Hills Jasmine Chin
15 May Work Day – Craiglowan Falls Jasmine Chin
22 May Tunnel. Racemans, Pump House Tracks Peter Benfell,
Greg Johnston
29 May Work Day – Craiglowan Falls Jasmine Chin
5 June Work Day – Craiglowan Falls Jasmine Chin
12 June Sullivan’s Dam, Cloud Forest of Leith, Pigeon Hill, Three Peaks Track Diane & John Bartlett
19 June Work Day – Craiglowan Falls Jasmine Chin
26 June Mid-winter lunch at Tramshed Bistro Jasmine Chin
3 July Recce – Escarpment Track area Diane & John Bartlett
8 July Work Day – Craiglowan Falls Jasmine Chin
10 July Flagstaff, Jim Freeman, Big Rock Greg Johnston
17 July Recce/hike – Berwick Forest Lodge area Jasmine Chin
24 July Grahams Bush Track, Organ Pipes (alternate hike to programme due to potential of a wet and slippery track at Peggy’s Hill) Jasmine Chin
31 July Racemans, Little Coal Creek, Steve Amies and Tunnels Tracks Peter Benfell
7 August Bacon Street, Peggy’s Hill, Camp Road Jasmine Chin
14 August Davies, Pineapple, Peppertree & Nicols tracks Karen Aitcheson
21 August Recce - Cedar Farm Road, Mt Kettle Jasmine Chin
28 August Varley’s Hill Jasmine Chin
4 September Recce – Craiglowan Falls area Peter Benfell, Jasmine Chin
11 September Possum Busters, McQuilkans, Porkies Jasmine Chin
18 September Outram Glen, Lee Stream Jasmine Chin
25 September
2 October
Victory Beach, Big Pyramid Millennium Track from Taieri Mouth Toni Maclennan
Jasmine Chin
9 October Herbert Forest – Hoods Creek, Podocarp, Swallows Tracks Jasmine Chin
16 October Possum Busters, Jim Freeman, McQuilkans, Possum Busters Jasmine Chin
23 October Miners Direct Route, Eucalypt Spur, Hightop Karen Aitcheson
30 October Racemans, Little Coal, North Coal Peter Benfell
6 November Bethune’s Gully, Mt Cargill Jasmine Chin
13 November McNallys Track Marian Read
20 November Cancelled due to rain  
27 November Heyward Point Greg Johnston
4 December Work Day – cancelled due to rain Jasmine Chin
11 December Mopanui, X’mas lunch at Horopito Café at Orokonui Sanctuary Jasmine Chin
27 December Work Day – Craiglowan Falls Jasmine Chin

Work Days – Craiglowan Falls
The first part of the year we focussed on clearing a very overgrown track that more or less follows the water race in a south-westerly direction. It took 6 days to clear just over 1 km of track. This was mainly due to maintenance not being kept up in the past and a number of trees felled across the track during a thinning operation by City Forest. However, City Forest was prompt in cutting the trees for us to clear the track as we are not permitted to use chainsaws in the forest. We finished clearing the track on July 8.

We still have one more track in the area that hasn’t been seen to since we started Work Days but there should not be much work to do. That will be one of the targets for 2019.

Annual Camp
Our third annual camp was held at Lake Hawea this year, with the accommodation being at a private Bach. Five members attended. All the hikes were in or close to the Mount Aspiring National Park. All the tracks were incredibly busy with lots of tourists, however, the scenery made up for it. Since we were in town, a celebratory dinner at a local Hawea restaurant completed the week.

Personal Locator Beacon
There have been no incidents requiring the beacon to be set off.


Tavern Lunches - Lynn Howson

The Tavern Lunches are held from February to November inclusive. In 2018 we went to a different venue each month, finishing the year with a very good lunch, enjoyed by all at Nellies in Mosgiel. There are about 40 members attending each time.


60+ Book Club. Adrienne Gee

The number of people in the club is 12. The club seems to be going along smoothly. The majority of people in the club have been in the club for many years. Each person reads a different book and we meet at a different house each month.

We have a pot luck Xmas lunch in December. We don't review a book that month.

We missed the month of January as most people were away.


Coffee and Culture. Gail Douglas

• 23rd February, Freedom tour of the University Grounds. 22 attended, then went to Good Earth Cafe.
• 23rd March, Reed Collection at the Dunedin Public Library. 14 attended, then went to Cafe Deim.
• 20th April, Hope and Sons Art Awards at the Art Station. 25 attended, then to Ironic Cafe.
• 18th May, Access Radio at Community House. 19 attended, then to Rembrandt’s Cafe.
• 22nd June, Sports Hall of Fame at the Railway Station. 23 attended, then to Ironic Cafe.
• 20th July, Speights Brewery Tour and Tasting. 13 attended, stayed for a tasting there.
• 17th August, Edinburgh Realty Art Exhibition at the Art Station. 19 attended, then to Ironic Cafe.
• 21 September, Southern Gothic Art Works at the Milford Gallery. 22 attended, then to Excelsior Cafe.
• 19th October, Robert Burns Fellowship at the Special Collections, University Library. 15 attended, then to the Museum Cafe.
• 23 November, Portrait and BNZ Galleries at the Dunedin Art Gallery. 17 attended, then to Rembrandts Cafe.

We had an excellent year and the standout outings would be Speights Brewery, Access Radio, and the wander around the University. Looking forward to some good outings this year.


Entertainers Report Wilma Graham. Co-ordinator 2019

2018, was a busy year again for the Entertainers, we performed 26 concerts at the usual Rest Homes and retirement villages also for the Mosgiel RSA, our Coordinator Pam Whipp along with Chris Pike, Joy Pearson and Beverley Kay-Donner kept us in line with our many items.

We didn’t start any new items in 2018 as time didn’t allow.

We ended the year with our Xmas lunch at Nellies in Mosgiel, we exchanged gifts with a secret Santa a lovely time was had by all after the presentations were made to all deserving members.

2019: January 30th Saw a change of leadership with myself being nominated as co-ordinator for this year, so along with Pam as my assistant, Chris, Piano, Beverley musical director and Joy choreographer. We are hoping for good things again this year. We are a very happy group.


The 60 plus bowling Club - Allan Wilson

Bowls start on the 2nd of April at the St James church hall at 405 King Edward Street. I will be away July and 6th August and will need some to help while I am away. We have lost 3 or 4 members and we need new members or we may have to consider closing We hope more people will come and play indoor bowls with us.


60s Coach Trips -Lynley Browne on behalf of Bus Group Committee (Kay Moen & Marion Houliston)

We usually leave at 9.30 am and have mainly been lucky with the weather. Always stop (somewhere near a toilet) after about an hour for morning tea which we provide from the bus. Our numbers have dropped off a bit this year which is disappointing especially with the average cost to hire the bus of $1,000 we have had to dig into our resources to keep the price down under $50 for the day.

• April - Totara Park with billy tea and scones then to Boulders Restaurant for coffees/ice-cream and meals for some. Unfortunately, day was damp and we had to be inside instead of around the camp fire. 46 on the bus.
• May - Port Chalmers Museum and meal at Careys Bay Hotel. Our morning tea was at the log wharf, not as planned at Lady Thorne Dell - the bus could not make the grade. 45 on bus.
• No trips during winter June/July/August
• September - Larnach Castle garden tour and Devonshire Teas. 30 only.
• October - Lawrence - via Clydevale & Beaumont. Meal at the Wild Walnut Cafe. 36 on bus.
• November - Weston - Quirky Brookfield Park then meal at Purtons Cafe in Maheno. 36 on bus.
• No trips December or January.
• February - Roxburgh - Stop off to buy own lunch or take own then to fruit stall to purchase fresh fruit. Drive back around to Millers Flat and afternoon tea at Faigans Store. 41 on bus.
• March - Owaka Museum and meal at Lumberjack Cafe then coastal drive home. 35 on bus.

Next planned trips - April: Naseby via Middlemarch & Ancient Briton Meal. May: tiki tour of the Taieri Plains and meal at JTees in East Taieri.


60s Singers – Agnes Hodges

The 60s Singers started the year in February with 14 singers, practising a programme of 14 songs, with Conductor Willie Campbell and accompanist, Agnes Hodges.

Singing engagements commenced in June at Abbeyfield Apartments, followed by Oxford Court, July, Redroofs, August, Bradford Manor and Yvette Williams, September, Ross Home, October, and at the 60s Plus Christmas Party in November.
We record with sadness the death, in June, of long-time member, Nine Hewitt. Members sang “Let There be Peace” at her funeral.

During the year we welcomed new members – Maryam Purvis and Moira Ingham.


60 Plus Ramblers Report 2018

The Ramblers have continued to walk on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month with just a month break at Christmas. We generally have numbers in the low 20’s with the largest turn up being 26 and the lowest 16 on a few poor weather days. A few walks have been cancelled due to rain. Generally, some of us go for coffee on such days. On most days over half continue on to a cafe for refreshment at the end.

From June to August the walks are just in the morning starting at 10 am and finishing by lunch. The rest of the year we start at 9.30am and finish between 2 and 3 pm.

We had over 30 members and past members at the Mid-Winter Lunch held at Mitchells in Caversham in July and 21, despite early rain, at the pot luck luncheon held after a short walk at Karitane in December.

We have continued with the less formal In-Between Rambles on the 2nd, 4th and any 5th Tuesday. These follow the winter format but run all year. As decisions regarding location are not decided until a few days before, they are only available for those with email or have someone who will contact them with the details. Numbers average in the high teens and we have had over 20, many continuing to a cafe for lunch.

While the 3 co-ordinators lead most of the walks, a number of other members have been willing to take on this task especially the In-Betweens.

9 members attended and enjoyed a 4-day camp at Naseby in mid-March with walks in Patearoa as well as Naseby. This included a very enjoyable dinner out at the Ancient Briton one night.


Trampers - Karen Byers:

Number on list for club: 30
Numbers out each week: On average around 12-14

Had a busy year getting out most Thursdays covering local areas up as far as Sutton, Herbert Forest area to the North and even down to the Blue Mountains and of course around the Silverpeaks and Peninsula - some being more challenging than others but all good fun.

We celebrated the 90th birthday of one of our trampers, Keith Paulin, in December. Keith led us on a walk from Woodhaugh down around the University/Harbour area and back to Woodhaugh gardens where we were met by other past members of the group to acknowledge the event with lunch and cake.

The club has taken on clearing the track up on Sandymount. Twelve members took part in a very successful annual camp which was held up at Lake Ohau at the end of the year with accommodation at the Glen Mary Ski Field.


BDS Book Club Report – Lorene Cecconi

In case I’ve not explained it before, BDS stands for BOOK DISCUSSION SCHEME, in other words we read the same book and discuss it. Once per year we receive a catalogue of titles from BDS in Christchurch. These titles are also on line. We each pick 5 titles we’d like to read, then we go through each one and agree or disagree that we all wish to read that particular book, and in the end, we have 25 titles picked out.

Of those 25, we receive 10 to read over the year. There is a cost involved, which includes the courier bags, it amounts to about $7 per month per person.

At the moment we have 6 members, but are looking for 2 more to join us. We meet in each other’s homes, on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 2:00 pm; the host/hostess provides afternoon tea.


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