Dunedin 60+ Club meets on the first Wednesday of the month (except January) in Burns Hall, Moray Place, Dunedin.  See map below.

The doors are open from 1:00 p.m., the Club assembles from 1:30 for a 2pm meeting, a $2 door fee is charged.

The meeting consists of the Guest Speaker, then Club business followed by afternoon tea.

In the foyer, tables are set up for books and puzzles. They are a 'bring and take', no payment is involved.

Notice boards listing all Club activities and coming events are also in the foyer.

In the hall, various activity groups take names and details for coming events such as Bus Trips, Coffee and Culture, Movie of the Month, Tavern Lunches, and Book Clubs.  The Treasurer is always available to take your subs.

Executive Meetings:

For 2020 the Committee will meet on Mondays at 10 am, at the Baptist Church, South Dunedin. 

      27th January; 24th February; 23rd March; 27th April; 25th May; 22nd June

27th July; 24th August; 28th September; 26th October; 23rd November

Members are welcome to attend but don't have voting rights.

General Meetings:

General Meetings for 2020 are as follows:

    5th February; 4th March; 1st April; 6th May(AGM); 3rd June; 1st July; 5th August;

    2nd September; 7th October; 4th November; 2nd December

Annual events:

  • A Christmas Day midday Dinner is organised at a local restaurant for those who wish to attend. Bookings close October.
  • A Club Catered Christmas Afternoon Tea Party is held in November or early December
  • A Club Catered Lunch is held in July.

New and old members welcome. 

For further Information phone Noel 455 2586, Lorene 454 4099, or Len 481 1876.