Upcoming Events


Book ChatJan 9th
Contact: Jean Lawrence 454 3349 for further information
Book Club     Jan 15th
Contact:  Adrienne Gee 476 1179 for further information
BDS Book Club Jan 22nd
Contact: Lorene Cecconi  454 4099 Book Discussion Scheme (Members read the same book and discuss it)
Coach Trip Feb 12th
Roxburgh/Millers Flat. Leaving Lees St at 9.15am. Take your own lunch/drink or buy at Roxburgh. Later - Tea & Coffee at Juanitas café at Faigans Store, Millers Flat. Cost $45.00
Contact Lynley Browne 455 3819, Marion Houlston 0272557873, Kay Moen 454 4241
Craft & Chat Jan 10th
Jan 31st 
Meet in Burns Hall Mclean Room; 10 - Noon  
Jenny Baird 476 4265
Coffee & Culture
Jill McGregor 481 1990, Gail Douglas 454 5290
Entertainers Group   Contact:  Wilma Graham  487 9902
Meet at Oval/Ardmore Drive, adjacent to Kensington Hotel 9.30am Jasmine Chin 453 6526 
Indoor Bowls   1st and 3rd Tuesday of Month; Meet at St. James Presbyterian Church Hall, 405 King Edward St 2.00pm
Contact: Allan Wilson 454 3213
Leisure Marchers   Meet at Caledonian Gymnasium, Andersons Bay Road Fridays 1.30pm - 2.30pm
Contact:  Susan McCuish  4550716
Line Dancing   Meet each Monday afternoon at South Dunedin Community Hall 1:30pm - 3:00pm.  Before attending for the first time, please contact one of the coordintors.
Contact:  Lorraine MacMillan  021 409 958 or Jennifer MacMillan  021 552 108
Monday Walkers
Meet at Oval, Princes St, Kensington Hotel end. 9:45 for 10:00 start.  Contact: Faye Facer 464 0499; Averil Boyd 488 1342
Movie Club Contact Heather Wyatt:  453 4453;  Betty Woods 466 7519
Meet at the Oval/Ardmore Drive, adjacent to Kensington Hotel  1st and 3rd Tuesdays; 9:30am or 10:00 for "In-Betweens" Brian Ralph 476 6514, Jim Williamson 453 0897, Greg Johnson 487 6100
Sixties Cyclers
  John will email or phone members when he believes it will be good cycling.  Contact:  John Jensen  489 3081
Sixties Singers
  Meet at 5 Ashmore Street, Halfway Bush 10.15am - 11.15am
2nd and 4th Monday; Contact:  Agnes Hodges 476 3039
Tavern Lunches
Contact:  Lyn Howson  455 8762
  Meet at the Oval/Ardmore Drive, adjacent to Kensington Hotel at 9.00am  Contact:  Les Williams 476 5731 / 027 432 6584
Bronwen Strang 473 1610 / 021 055 0809
Guest Speakers  Feb 5th   Daniel Judd speaking about active ageing and acupuncture.
 March 4th Jordana Whyte from the Wildlife Hospital here in Dunedin.