Tramping Photos

Bushey Park July 2024

Morning Tea

Crossing Bushey Park farm

The 60 Plus Tramping Group "Great Escape".

Stoney Creek

Lunch above Stoney Creek

A bog on the Esplanade Track 

Broad Bay - Bacon St - Harbour Cone - Camp Rd Loop 27th June 2024

Morning tea in the "Future Forest"

Looking across the harbour

Very old building - still under construction ??? 

Summiting Harbour Cone

Summiting Harbour Cone

Hoopers Inlet

Rock Wall

Lunch by the road below Harbour

Harbour Cone and the harbour in the background

Into the mist / out of the shadows

Seacliff and Split Rock 20th June 2024

Morning Tea

Split Rock

NZ Fur Seals

Walking trough Split Rock

Queen Victoria Rock still braving the waves

Lunch at Split Rock

Old Fuchsia at Split Rock

Mt Cutten, Mt Kettle and Mihiwaka 

Mikiwaka summit

 Rollinsons Rd, Swine Spur, McQuilkin, Lake Whare 

Lunch on Swampy Summit

How deep do you think it is??

Swampy and Rustlers

MacAndrew Bay, Greenacres Track, Paradise Track, Boulder Beach

Peggys Hill

Doctors Point - Purakaunui - Osborne - Mopanui Area Tramp

Some of the group at Mapoutahi Pa 

Morning Tea on Purakaunui Beach

Walking up Purakaunui Inlet

Pat & Ruth on the swings at Osborne playground

Blueskin Bay form Mopanui area

Naseby Camp - March 2024

Tuesday - Blackstone hill

Naseby Forest 

Thursday - Looking at the Hawkduns up Johnstones track 

Thursday - Meeting motorcyclists on start of Johnstones track

Hoopers Inlet- Sandymount - Sandfly Beach 15/02/2024

Start of the tramp at Hoopers Inlet

Around Hoopers Inlet in the rain

The beach for morning tea

Climbing the steep sandhill to Sandymount

Carefully negotiating an electric fence

The Sandymount hill keeps on giving

Lunch at Sandymount

Tramp up Signal Hill 08/02/2024

Photos by D. Crook

Group photo

Aramoana to Haywards Point

Photos by D. Crook

Christmas Party Tramp at Hoopers Inlet 2023

Photos by K. Beck and others

Allan's Beach Rd in a strong wind

Climbing Varley's Hill

Going down Varley's Hill

Group photo

Group Photo

Keith & Prue - Group Coordinators

Nicols Falls - Pineapple - Moon Tracks

Yellow Ridge - Phil Cox Hut

Old & New Pineapple Tracks

3 Kings

Government Track 2019

Government Track and Kowhai Spur 2021


Government Track and Kowhai Spur