Monday Walkers having a coffee break after a walk around
Port Chalmers and Careys Bay area, October 18th

60+ Movie Group watches "The Alpinist", Sunday, October 17th

The Sixties Entertainers celebrate 20 successful years

28 July 2021

Mary Billington and Wilma Graham cut the cake

28 July 2021

Current and retired members enjoyed the reunion lunch!

28 July 2021

60+ Club's New Aerobics Group, 7 July 2021

60+ Club's New Aerobics Group, 7 July 2021

Sixties Singers, 7 July 2021

The Beans or the Bag?, 7 July 2021

The Sixties Entertainers, 7 July 2021

Midwinter Lunch - Catered Lunch is served, 7 July 2021

Mexican/Spanish theme day - Line Dancers Fiesta Day, June 2021

Hikers at Evansdale Glen 2021

Hikers lunch in the snow on Mt Cargill 2021

Hikers at Aramoana Salt Marsh 021

Coach Trip May 12, 2021. Afternoon Tea at Orokanui Ecosanctuary

Afternoon Tea Servers, 7 April, 2019

Pat Collins, Convenor, Lia Holloway, John Ingham, John Rhodes

Trampers climbing above Hooper's Inlet

Trampers enjoying their Morning Tea at the mouth of Hooper's Inlet

A group of friends on a visit to Lanarch Castle

Clockwise from left: Agnes Hodges, Margaret Munro, Pam McDonald, Lyndsey Garden, Maureen Hayes, Lorene Cecconi

Christmas Afternoon Tea Party 7 Nov/87

Sixties Entertainers

Christmas Afternoon Tea Party 7 Nov/20

Highland Harmony Barbershop Singers (Invited Guests)

Christmas Afternoon Tea Party 7 Nov/20

Leisure Marchers

Christmas Afternoon Tea Party 7 Nov/20

Line Dancers (led by Jennifer MacMillan)

Christmas Afternoon Tea Party

Social Committee Movers and Groovers

Christmas Afternoon Tea Party 7 Nov/20

Social Committee Movers and Groovers

60+ Executive Committee, AGM 7 October 2020

Front Row L-R Len Leith, Secretary; Moira Ingham, President; Lia Holloway, "Tea Lady"; Carol Adler-Morgan, Committee; Lorene Cecconi, Publicity;

Row 2 - Anne Simpson, Speaker coordinator; Muriel Turner, Treasurer; John Rhodes, Hall set-up; Brendon Orr, Honourary Auditor/ Technician; Bob Morgan, Committee,

Back - Mary Billington, Committee; Noel Stanaway, Past President

Volunteer's Morning Tea, Sept 4/2020

Sixties Entertainers: Back Row, L-R; Pam Whipp, Loris Miller, Mary

Billington, Noel Stanaway, Gael Trevathan, Chris Pike, Jan Stewart,

Len Leith, Wilma Graham, John Williamson

Front: L-R Pauline Simmons, Pam Johnston, Mike Ravenwood

The Social Committee, June 2020;

Back Row - Janice Latta, Jimsie Smith, Mary Billington

Front Row - Moira Ingham, Noel Stanaway, Mike Ravenwood

Hikers at Okia Reserve June 9, 2020

Lorene Cecconi, Publicity Officer April 19, 2020

Jordana Whyte, Secretary, The Wildlife Hospital Trust, speaker at Member's Meeting, 4 March 2020

60's Cyclers on a fine January 2020 day.

L-R:Judith Sell, Russell Sell, Lorraine Johnston, Jennifer Rennell, Dianne Davey, John Jensen

Jan 21, 2020 Ramblers line up for Group Photo after an invigorating walk along beach at Taieri Mouth

Rambler's first walk of 2020, morning tea at Taieri Mouth accompanied by an interested visitor

We Celebrate our 25th Anniversary!

AGM May 3, 2017; Fred Stuart (founder of 60+) and Malva McLeod, who have attended every 60+ AGM Meeting for 24 years!

Murray Bolt with his original design for the Club Logo