Talk from Bob Clark of the South Dunedin Community Patrol - Oct 2023

Selecting a book - Oct 2023

October 2023 Meeting

Fred Stuart, (5 October 1925 – 4 February 2022)

Founding Father of the Dunedin 60+ Club, with Joan, his wife of 75 Years.

Members of the committee inspect the premises of their new club rooms:
Blind Low Vision, 458 Hillside Road at Law Street.

 L to R; John Rhodes, Moira Ingham, Len Leith, Lorene Cecconi, Pat Tutty, Muriel Turner, Noel Stanaway, Lia Holloway 

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

William Leigh, Secretary of Dunedin 60+ Club, leads the service 

for the celebration of the lives of Mary and Dick Billington. 

Ngaire Billington tells some amusing incidents in the lives of her parents  

Midge Ruka (on left) and Adrienne Anderson, Neighbours of Mary, tell some amusing anecdotes  

Moira Ingham, president of Dunedin 60+ Club, discusses Mary's contribution to the club. Mary was an Honorary Life Member. 

At Mary’s request, the Pearlies performed “Lets All Go Down the Strand”. 

Murray Bolt with his original design for the Club Logo 

AGM May 3, 2017; Fred Stuart (founder of 60+) and Malva McLeod, who have attended every 60+ AGM Meeting for 24 years!   

We Celebrate our 25th Anniversary! 

Jordana Whyte, Secretary, The Wildlife Hospital Trust, speaker at Member's Meeting, 4 March 2020 

Lorene Cecconi, Publicity Officer April 19, 2020 

The Social Committee, June 2020;

Back Row - Janice Latta, Jimsie Smith, Mary Billington 

Front Row - Moira Ingham, Noel Stanaway, Mike Ravenwood

Volunteer's Morning Tea, Sept 4/2020 

60+ Executive Committee, AGM 7 October 2020

Front Row L-R Len Leith, Secretary; Moira Ingham, President; Lia Holloway, "Tea Lady"; Carol Adler-Morgan, Committee; Lorene Cecconi, Publicity; 

Row 2 - Anne Simpson, Speaker coordinator; Muriel Turner, Treasurer; John Rhodes, Hall set-up; Brendon Orr, Honourary Auditor/ Technician; Bob Morgan, Committee,

Back - Mary Billington, Committee; Noel Stanaway, Past President

Christmas Afternoon Tea Party 7 Nov/20 

Social Committee Movers and Groovers

Christmas Afternoon Tea Party

Social Committee Movers and Groovers